Backspin Magazine is focused on golf in the Gulf States. There are hundreds of golf facilities, yes hundreds, across Louisiana and Mississippi, and the professionals and people who play are as diverse as the courses themselves. Backspin explores the courses, the personalities and the tournaments that make this game magical – and addictive.

Golf is a family game, one in which children mirror their fathers’ swings and attend golf camps where they dream of becoming the next Rory McIlroy or Tiger Woods. Living room carpets become the 18th green, and underneath the sofa is home to its own family of golf balls and tees.

Screen Shot 2014-12-27 at 4.02.12 PMBackspin focuses on this gentlemen’s game that can become a lifelong obsession and a Saturday morning friend. It is the memory of the man … or woman … who used to share your cart or the grandfather who introduced his family to his passion.

Share your golf story with Backspin. As stated in the first letter from the publisher in July 2013, we are launching Backspin for the future. But the new face of Backspin will focus on its tradition and the sport and how we can get a little better. Golf is, after all, a sport, and we all want to win.

About Backspin

Backspin is a digital publication distributed in Louisiana and Mississippi. Now developing industry partnership grown from decades of relationships in the golf industry, our staff is looking for ideas to continue growth.

After the recession began in 2008, golf took a hit. Clubs closed, and some people made decisions to eliminate golf from their family budget. Golf is making a comeback. Youth are getting involved, unique businesses are embracing the sport, and people are returning to their true love of the game.

Our mission is to honor the tradition of golf, embrace it in its current form and to bring people back to the game. Join Backspin as we join our fellow PGA professionals and bring golf back.